The drug education series empowering lives nationwide.

We aim to educate about the real life impacts of substance misuse.

Alex’s Adventure is rooted in the principles of harm reduction. When it comes to drug education, it offers more than the “Just Say No” approach, because it also provides teenagers with information to keep themselves and their friends safe if and when they do encounter these substances.

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How does it work?

Here at Alex’s Adventure we understand that not every school or community will have the same substance misuse problems with the same topics, so we’ve created the “Build your own ED-Venture” package. We know drug education that works includes parents and the wider community which is why we include parents on the learning journey.

Our “Corporate Win/Win Package” lets us team up with corporates to allow them to give back to the community, give back to their employees and learn something new along the way with our Award-Winning Let’s Start Talking about Drugs Workshop.

Alongside our popular Workshop we also offer workshops to:

  • Corporate/Businesses
  • Secondary Schools
  • Primary Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Youth Clubs
  • GAA Clubs
  • Parents
  • One-to-One (Parents/Students/Small Group)

We’ve covered a lot of ground! And we also understand that some schools need just that bit of extra support so we are also offering the “Youthreach Workshop Programme” to really help and empower young people to reach their best potential.

All our workshops and programmes are now available online! 


Who Am I?

We help students understand choices beyond the drug itself and that external factors also come into play. By focusing on building students up in key areas such as understanding changes during adolescents and why we may make certain decisions,  we help them become resilient and self-aware.

Minding Myself & Others.

We teach students that choices have consequences both good & bad and that for each decision we make we must be not only mindful of ourselves but also mindful of others. We focus on teaching key skills such as how to deal with Peer Pressure, ways to say No and respecting both yourself and the wider community.

Team Up.

Packed full of activities and thought provoking tasks we designed Alex’s Adventure to be inclusive of all needs within the classroom. We believe that sometimes by doing and working with others can have some of the best results in interactive learning.

My Mental Health.

We understand that being in the right head space is very important for a young persons well-being and making decisions that lead to healthy outcomes. We have developed Alex’s Adventure with this in mind and to show young people that healthy choices begin with a healthy mindset.

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