The Workshop

Our favorite workshop has been making a big impact over the last few years and we have extended it to suit all needs.

We have also included the option of a Virtual Workshop.

We're here in every step of the way

Primary Schools

Every year kids are getting exposed to substances younger and younger. Alex’s Adventure has built an age appropriate workshop for Primary School students aged 9-12 years old. 

Secondary Schools

Our Award-Winning Workshop is catered to all secondary years and is our most popular workshop! We use honest information without a biased attitude to drugs which has a lasting impact with students. 


Harm Reduction is the aim of the game with our College version. We understand that students are heavily exposed to drug use at this stage of their lives and we want to help minimise the risk while educating them to potential dangers. 


Got a workplace that needs some educating? We have workshops designed for workplaces like offices, construction sites, corporate and many, many more. 


Learning about substance misuse saves lives but we know the conversation must continue at home. Our parental workshop helps parents open uncomfortable conversations comfortably at home. 

Community & Youth Clubs

Our policy is all inclusive so we leave nobody out in the dark! We also work with whole towns & communities, community groups and youth clubs.