we aren't afraid of trying new things

How Does It Work?

Our drug education programme caters to your unique needs by allowing you to create your own “ED-Venture”. It’s the first in the world of its kind that allows the teacher to facilitate and showcase their skills without worrying about content plans. 

Our programme also hits lessons within all 4 strands of the Junior Cycle SPHE Curriculum making it easier for teachers to teach some of the sensitive topics associated with substance misuse with complete confidence.

So how do we get strated?

Pick the problem

We put the problem drug in the area at the center of the programme.

Add more supports

We then add additional lessons and supports.

Build the Programme

We build the new e-learning programme for your school.

Begin the ED-Venture!

Its's as easy as ABC or 123 - Let the ED-Venture begin!

Our e-learning programme also focuses on different statements of learning and key skills.



We focus on building young people up to be confident in their decisions and choices and we do this by not only focusing on the drug but also on the student.

Critical Thinking

To make good choices you have to develop critical thinking skills and we help students do this by incorporating lessons and tasks that will get them thinking outside the box.


A happy student leads to a happy adult! We help facilitate this in relation to substance learning because there are also external factors that may influence such a decision.


By getting the students involved we help facilitate between communication between peers & the wider community.

Self Management

We focus on helping young adults grow into mindful adults by giving them information and tips on how to better manage themselves around tricky situation.


By incorporating the different learning styles into the programme we encourage students to be creative with their answers.


Teamwork is a key ingredient in this programme. We want to help everybody be part of this irregardless of their personal circumstances.

Information & Thought

We help students form their own ideas and opinions in a safe and open environment of the classroom.

Founder Nicole Ryan explains the dangers of synthetic drugs.

Curious about our Workshop?

We still run our Award-Winning Workshop that is available to all schools nationwide.