Genius is in the idea.
Impact, however, comes from action.

10,000+ Young

Thousands of young people have received benefits from our innovative workshop.

100+ Schools & Businesses

Have seen the impact and the benefit of what we do.

400+ Workshops Delivered

We have a variety of workshops from schools and colleges to parental and corporate workshop.

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5 Reasons why we are the best!

01 - Increased Knowledge

Our workshop has made people more informed of issues around drugs including the dangers around alcohol. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in this area.

02 - Increased Awareness

Our programme increases the danger perception in drugs such as Cocaine, Ecstasy & Synthetic Drugs.

03 - Helps To Build Trust

Trust in Parents, Teachers and Adults increased in terms of looking to know more about drugs after the programme. The workshop also increases confidence in discussing these issues.

04- Connection Is Key!

We do things a little differently at Alex’s Adventure –We connect with the students. Our message is unbiased and we pride ourselves on this fact. Our programmes and workshops are relevant, current and easy to understand.

05 - We Know What We Are Doing

Over the years we have received so much feedback and we always let our works speak for itself. The students said Nicole’s talk was the best talk they have ever attended, ever!

Our Pilot Results!